Car Accident Insurance Claims in Saudi Arabia: A Step-by-Step Guide

Nobody ever plans on getting into a car accident, but if you find yourself in that situation in Saudi Arabia, don’t freak out. I know it’s stressful, but I’ve got your back. As someone who’s been through the insurance claim process, I can tell you that knowing what to do makes all the difference. So let’s walk through this together, from start to finish, and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Car Accident Insurance Claims in Saudi Arabia

Navigating Car Accidents in Saudi Arabia: A Comprehensive Guide

Most folks dread getting into a car accident, even a small one. But the stats say if you are a driver, the odds of being in one are pretty high. That sudden moment of finding yourself in this spot can be quite overwhelming. But donât stress. We are here to guide you through handling a car accident in Saudi Arabia for those with TPL or comprehensive insurance.

Reporting Your Accident Immediately

When a car accident occurs in Saudi Arabia, “Najm” steps in if at least one party has valid car insurance, but if an accident leads to serious injuries or death â that is Muroor’s job, additionally, Muroor handles accidents for uninsured drivers in Saudi.

To report a car accident in Saudi Arabia, use the Najm app or call 92000056.

Documenting the Incident Through Najm’s Remote Review System

Najm’s remote review system makes handling accidents in Saudi Arabia a breeze. Instead of waiting for Najm’s surveyor, you can fill out details and snap pictures of the accident from all angles to show the damage. If you have a dashcam, that’s gold for helping sort things out in the accident report.

Once Najm finishes their report, which includes all the nitty-gritty details about who was involved, when and where it all went down, and the extent of the damage to the vehicles, you’re one step closer to getting your car fixed and claiming that insurance money in Saudi Arabia. Skip these crucial steps, and you might find yourself in a world of hurt.

The Importance of Car Insurance in Saudi Arabia

Solid car insurance after a car accident in Saudi Arabia can make a huge difference. It is not just about money protection but also about feeling secure.

Finding the Best Car Insurance Quotes

Our tip is to use reliable price comparison websites to find the best and most pocket-friendly insurance. They make it easy to compare different car insurance providers and their offerings simultaneously.

Don’t leave your safety to chance. Invest in comprehensive insurance and use a price comparison website to find the best deal.

Steps to Claim Insurance After a Car Accident

Once you have ticked all those boxes, send your claim to your insurance company. It takes less time and effort to do it online.

Gathering Necessary Documents for Your Claim

Take all your accident documents, such as the report, evaluation, and invoices, and attach them to the claim form and your bank account IBAN.

Understanding Fault and Filing Accordingly

If the other driver is at fault, send your claim to them. They cover the damages and injuries. If it is your fault, fill it out with your car insurance. They handle your car repairs after you pay the deductible.

Once insurance approves your claim, the cash is deposited into your bank account. Then, as per your insurance terms, you can fix your car at a workshop or dealership. Usually, you get the cash within 15 business days.

Post-Accident Procedures and Evaluations

Before leaving the scene, ensure your car is still good to drive. Sometimes, it is best to call roadside assistance or a towing service.

Booking an Evaluation Slot

Once you get the accident report from Najm, it is time to book a slot at one of their approved evaluation centers. Before they check the damage, you need to pay SAR 172.5. Worry not; you can later claim this amount from your insurance company.

Once the evaluation is done, you receive a detailed report with information listing all the damage, repair costs, and spare parts you need.

Handling Towing and Transportation Costs

Hold that invoice if you need a tow truck to haul your car to the evaluation center. Tack it onto your insurance claim to make sure you get compensated for it.

Resolving Delays in Insurance Settlements

If your settlement is delayed, file a complaint with SAMA â they supervise all car insurance companies in Saudi Arabia.

Leveraging Technology for Efficient Claim Tracking

These days, most insurance companies in Saudi Arabia let you easily track your claim’s progress through text messages or online portals. Take advantage of these digital tools to maintain your claim and ensure timely updates.

The Role of Regulatory Authorities in Ensuring Fair Insurance Practices

The Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) is the watchdog for car insurance companies in Saudi Arabia. It ensures that insurers play fair and square, looking out for the little guy—the policyholders. It’s like having a superhero on your side.

If you ever feel like your insurance company is treating you poorly, don’t hesitate to contact SAMA for help.

Getting Acquainted with Third-Party Insurance Policies

In Saudi Arabia, having at least third-party liability (TPL) insurance is mandatory for all vehicles. If you’re at fault in an accident, this covers you, and you must compensate the other party for damages or injuries.

It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the specifics of your third-party insurance policy so you know exactly what’s covered and what’s not.

Tackling Medical Expenses After a Car Accident

If you or your passengers get injured in a car accident, your medical expenses will typically be covered under your car insurance policy in Saudi Arabia.

The extent of coverage depends on whether you have TPL or comprehensive insurance. It’s important to check your policy documents and understand how medical expenses are handled in case of an accident.


What is the process of a personal accident insurance claim?

Gather your docs and report the accident to your insurer. Fill out a claim form, attach proof, and then await approval.

How can I check my accident report in Saudi Arabia?

Log into Absher or Najm’s website with your ID. Navigate to the traffic violations or reports section to find your details.

How to submit a Tawuniya claim?

Go to Tawuniya’s portal online, upload the necessary documents, and fill out the e-claim form. Then, track it on their app.

How can I check my car insurance in Saudi Arabia?

Type your vehicle’s number plate into Absher or SAMA’s website. It’ll instantly show you the current policy status and expiry date.